Support Life FM


Life FM 100.1, Spirit of the West, is supported in various ways


We call our members partners because we seek an ongoing relationship and our Partners have been faithfull to our vision.

Partners have membership voting rights in our Association, Bathurst Christian Broadcasters Inc, but more than that they share in our outreach.

All Partners are entitled to receive the Daily uplift devotional Word for Today and our Quarterly Newsletter; Radio Activity.

Partnership is available on a number of levels.

Partner: Extra Mile Partner: Life Partner:

Business Sponsorship:

This is available to fit the requirements of the sponsor and so can be structured to present sponsors promotional messages when or where required. We will Partner with the business sponsor to achieve the desired result in an economical package.

We also offer the Life Partner in Business option which offers a very cost effective solution for a long term relationship.

Our staff are experienced in helping you find the appropriate Sponsorship message format for your Business support.


Life FM is a registered charity and so seeks donation support and many Partners also offer Life FM this form of support as do members of the community. Donations to Life FM are tax deductable.


Life FM is a 100% voluntary organisation and so relies on community support to carry out its functions. Volunteering at a community radio station can be a rewarding experience and can be broader than  presenting radio programs. There are many functions that support Life FM 100.1 broadcasts.

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