Life FM Partnership

At Life FM we seek community minded people who see the value of the service we provide and who in turn provide support. We call these supporters Partners. Life FM Partners are members of Bathurst Christian Broadcasters inc.

There are a number of ways support can be provided; through participation in Life FM activities, and through financial partnership. Financial partnership can take a number of forms just as participation can be a few hours a month, or something more. Become a Partner today and join in Life FM’s outreach to Bathurst and beyond.

A membership application is available on this website. Just click through the categories to see which Partnership is right for you, then  take the express route and click on the Paypal Subscribe button in the selection of your choice now! or print our Application form and mail.

There are four ways you might connect through Partnership with Life FM 100.1


Pensioner/Student Partners

Extra Mile Partners

Life Partners


Please don’t forget to have a look at the volunteers page  That opportunity to help your community you have been looking for might just be there. Life FM needs active Partners and you may have the skills we need right at this moment.What skills do we need? click here to find out more.

Once you choose to be a Partner we hope you will become involved in helping this dynamic organisation meet its goals. How can you be involved? There are many ways, to find out more just click here

Should you have any further questions please click here to email us.

To find out more about Life FM 100.1, please call us on (02) 6334 4814 or click here to email us.
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